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Signing your life away: Scientology staff contracts, releases and agreements

Being recruited to join staff is a process endured by most (if not all) Scientologists. For those who choose to make the jump, this is what awaits: dozens of pages of waivers, agreements and legal documents to sign.

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Charlie Wakley now knows about the Xenu story

According to the latest edition of Saint Hill’s ‘Advance UK‘ magazine, which celebrates the progress of British Scientologists’ progress up the Bridge, the famous Charlie Wakley – who I used to consider one of my best friends – has reached the [continue reading…]


Profile: Peter Hodkin, Scientology UK Lawyer

Integral to Scientology’s recent legal victories in the United Kingdom is solicitor Peter Hodkin. A lifelong Scientologist, his law firm Hodkin & Company have represented the Church of Scientology for decades. Hodkin plays a vital role in Scientology’s campaign for religious [continue reading…]

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Scientology Requested a Formal Apology from the UK Government

In a recently resurfaced article citing declassified documents held by the National Archives, it was revealed that Scientology was placed under covert surveillance.

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How Scientology Infiltrated City of London Police

Ahead of the opening of it’s first UK £23mil ‘Ideal Org’ in London in 2006, the Church of Scientology began a campaign to win over the support of local authorities known as ‘safe pointing’. Based on policy written by founder L. [continue reading…]

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Profile: Janet Laveau, Managing Director – Scientology UK

Who runs Scientology in the United Kingdom? Canadian-born Janet Laveau is listed as the Managing Director of the Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc (COSRECI), the Australian-registered charity through with Scientology runs its UK operation, but who is she and [continue reading…]