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Trafford Council “don’t care” about unsafe living conditions at Scientology staff quarters

Trafford Council have responded to concerns Scientology staff members are being forced to live in squalor after photos revealed mouldy bedsheets and crumbling ceilings at their future Manchester “Ideal Org”.

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Scientology renews Manchester Ideal Org plans with fresh planning application

The Church of Scientology have submitted new plans in which “it is assumed that the local community would be fully supportive” for its Manchester Ideal Org despite failing to begin works under previously-approved plans for the Grade-II listed building.

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Three more candidates join calls for Parliamentary action against Scientology after election

Three more candidates standing in next month’s general election have called for action against Scientology after concerns were raised about the alleged abuse of young and vulnerable people at their properties in the United Kingdom.

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Political candidates back Parliamentary Scientology debate ahead of general election

Candidates across all three major parties running in next month’s UK general election have pledged their support for a Parliamentary debate on Scientology should they be successful.

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John Sweeney pledges Scientology debate if elected to Parliament

Journalist and Scientology public enemy number one John Sweeney is standing in the upcoming general election and has vowed to “hold a debate condemning the Church’s abuse of young and vulnerable people in the UK and around the world” if elected.

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East Grinstead Town Council retract censorship of Scientology concerns, but still no apology

Following a lengthy complaints procedure brought by Scientology Business Editor Alexander Barnes-Ross, East Grinstead Town Council have retracted its censorship of the public record after concerns were raised over its close ties to the Church of Scientology.

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Scientology Sunderland’s Ideal Org fundraiser was a major flop

The Church of Scientology’s fundraising event at Sunderland Museum last weekend was a “catastrophic failure” with only 8 parishioners showing up for the occasion, Scientology Business can report.

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Sunderland City Council: Museum to host Scientology fundraiser this Sunday

Scientology have been granted permission to use a municipality-owned property in Sunderland to host a fundraising event for their ‘Ideal Org’ program this weekend.

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Tom Cruise’s private jet and helicopter make mysterious movements around the UK

With Scientology’s new Paris Org due to open later this week, we’ve been following Tom Cruise’s helicopter and private jet movements. Is David Miscavige currently in the UK?

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Daily Mail warns of Scientology’s growing influence over East Grinstead

The Daily Mail has today published a double-page feature on Scientology’s growing influence over the Sussex town of East Grinstead, which is home to the controversial group’s Saint Hill UK headquarters.