Charlie Wakley now knows about the Xenu story

According to the latest edition of Saint Hill’s ‘Advance UK‘ magazine, which celebrates the progress of British Scientologists’ progress up the Bridge, the famous Charlie Wakley – who I used to consider one of my best friends – has reached the state of OT III and now knows about Xenu.

Charlie rose to prominence online in the ex-Scientology community while I was still working with him at the Church of Scientology London. “Why aren’t we using social media to promote ourselves?” I asked, and together we devised a campaign to promote London’s activities – initially with the goal of selling books, but later to recruit staff and promote the Church’s ‘social betterment’ programs.

Together, Charlie and I would hear people asking about the Xenu story on a daily basis, denying it as ‘crazy’ or ‘silly’.. “its not something I’ve ever seen in Scientology scripture”, we would say. In October 2013, while I was Director of Public Booksales, Charlie started an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit in an attempt to answer people’s questions and change the public perception of Scientology. When asked about Xenu, he replied “I am well informed enough to answer this question. This has nothing to do with the mainline teachings of Scientology and is simply a story taken out of context to put people off Scientology.”

He went on to clarify in a later comment, deliberately misspelling Xenu: “My understanding of this Zeno thing is that it may or may not come from higher levels of Scientology but my honest answer is that it is not the point of Scientology nor the main teachings of it and so was not the purpose of this discussion.

In reaching OT III, Charlie has now read the famous Xenu story in L. Ron Hubbard’s very own handwriting. He now knows we were lying, and in fact, his family (and even his wife Kate, who went OT in 2007) have been lying to him, too.

Charlie Wakley and Bob Duggan
Charlie Wakley speaking with Scientologist billionaire Bob Duggan at an event at Saint Hill

I last spoke to Charlie in November 2022, before I started speaking out about my experiences in Scientology. We caught up over the phone, discussed my return program and how we now both live in the same part of London. He is currently the Deputy Executive Director (D/ED) of London Day.

Charlie, if you are reading this and are having any doubts whatsoever about Scientology, I still care about you. I know your whole family are in and you’ve dedicated a lot of time and money to the Church, but I promise you it IS possible to be happy outside.

I’m not here to convince you to leave or tell you Scientology is wrong. But if you ever think ‘this is all too much’ or question ‘what have I been raised in?’ and want to get out or just take a break, I will be there at the drop of a hat.

I can be at your house in about 15 minutes. Call me and I will be there, night or day. My number has not changed.


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Alexander Barnes-Ross

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