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Trafford Council “don’t care” about unsafe living conditions at Scientology staff quarters

Trafford Council have responded to concerns Scientology staff members are being forced to live in squalor after photos revealed mouldy bedsheets and crumbling ceilings at their future Manchester “Ideal Org”.

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Scientology renews Manchester Ideal Org plans with fresh planning application

The Church of Scientology have submitted new plans in which “it is assumed that the local community would be fully supportive” for its Manchester Ideal Org despite failing to begin works under previously-approved plans for the Grade-II listed building.

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Sunderland City Council: Museum to host Scientology fundraiser this Sunday

Scientology have been granted permission to use a municipality-owned property in Sunderland to host a fundraising event for their ‘Ideal Org’ program this weekend.

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EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Inner Circle at Scientology’s new Paris HQ

Last week, Scientologists from across Europe gathered to celebrate the opening of their latest ‘Ideal Org’ in Paris, France. Despite Police enforcing tight restrictions and Scientology’s best efforts to clear the area of protestors, Scientology Business journalist Callum Clark secured a spot and reports from inside the production team’s inner circle.

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Deception, façades and fake fanfare: Scientology’s new $36 million Paris HQ opens

On 6th April, Scientology officially opened it’s new Paris ‘Ideal Org’, but mystery surrounds whether elusive leader David Miscavige was actually there in person.

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Reality check: A closer look at Scientology’s ‘new era of expansion’

With Scientology leader David Miscavige officially announcing the much-anticipated “Golden Age of Administration” at the 2024 New Years event last weekend at the Shrine Auditorium, the stage has been set for what he describes as a “new era of expansion” for the controversial group. However, a closer look at leaked statistics paints a vastly different picture and suggests Scientology is in fact going through an era for which ‘Dark Age of Mass Contraction’ would be a more fitting title.

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Scientology France: Fraud, Death and Fury

As the Church of Scientology prepares to open the doors to its brand new €33 million ($36mil USD / £28.5mil GBP) building in Paris, Scientology Business take a closer look at the controversial group’s fraud convictions, links to tragic deaths and its relationship with the French authorities

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The Sorry State of Scientology Sunderland

Scientology Sunderland has just 3 staff members and is visited by an average of 5 people a day, an undercover visit by Scientology Business can reveal.

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Signing your life away: Scientology staff contracts, releases and agreements

Being recruited to join staff is a process endured by most (if not all) Scientologists. For those who choose to make the jump, this is what awaits: dozens of pages of waivers, agreements and legal documents to sign.