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Who’s funding Scientology’s UK ‘expansion?’ 2024 Ideal Org donor list revealed

Scientology have published a list of its biggest contributors to it’s UK ‘Ideal Org’ program. The strategy saw buildings purchased in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Gateshead, Plymouth and Edinburgh almost two decades ago, but despite millions in donations only two ‘Ideal Orgs’ [continue reading…]

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Scientology executives charged in $1.7 million fraud scandal

The Church of Scientology is facing seizure of its assets in Hungary after prosecutors charged eleven executives and finance personnel with fraud in a $1.7 million tax evasion scandal. Following a lengthy investigation into Scientology’s activities by Hungary’s National Tax and Customs Administration, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Scientology yesterday, alleging a cover-up scheme to avoid paying tax on the sale of books and courses over the years 2012-2017.

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Numbers Don’t Lie: Evidence Scientology is Shrinking in the UK

In the United States, due to it’s IRS tax exempt status Scientology’s finances are somewhat protected from public scrutiny. Fortunately for us, the same is not the case in the UK, where Scientology operates through an Australian-registered charity called Church of [continue reading…]