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Survivor Stories: Ex-Scientologists call on UK government to act

Tomorrow, the UK population will head to the polls in what is widely expected to be an historic general election, ushering in an era of change. We call on the government to intervene on the issue of Scientology and finally put a stop to human suffering.

These are just a handful of accounts, written by former members who experienced Scientology’s abusive practices first-hand, in their own words.

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East Grinstead Hustings: Candidates challenged on Scientology ahead of election

Last week, politicians standing for election in East Grinstead – home of the Church of Scientology’s UK headquarters – debated important local issues and faced questions from the public in an open hustings event at Trinity Methodist Church. Here’s the report we received from one of our contributors, who attended the debate and challenged the candidates on Scientology’s presence in the town ahead of this week’s general election.

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Trafford Housing Standards now investigating Scientology property

Trafford Council’s Housing Standards have launched an investigation into the home ofScientology’s future ‘Manchester Ideal Org’ after they included photos in a planning application that suggest there are staff members living at the property.

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Trafford Council “don’t care” about unsafe living conditions at Scientology staff quarters

Trafford Council have responded to concerns Scientology staff members are being forced to live in squalor after photos revealed mouldy bedsheets and crumbling ceilings at their future Manchester “Ideal Org”.

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Scientology Sunderland’s Ideal Org fundraiser was a major flop

The Church of Scientology’s fundraising event at Sunderland Museum last weekend was a “catastrophic failure” with only 8 parishioners showing up for the occasion, Scientology Business can report.

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Scientology’s Narconon rehab centre removed from NHS website

Following a lengthy investigation by Guardian / Observer journalist Shanti Das, the NHS has removed Scientology’s Narconon drug rehabilitation centre from its website. It was previously listed as a care provider with contact information and address details provided, along with a link to the Care Quality Commission (CQC)’s 2016 inspection report.

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Internal emails reveal Scientology’s recent meddling in local government

Mid-Sussex District Council internal emails reveal Scientology used its close ties with former East Grinstead Mayor Dick Sweatman to interrupt protest plans at the recent Saint Hill IAS event. Tony Ortega reports…

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VIDEO: What’s really going on at Scientology’s East Grinstead base

In this hard hitting documentary, Scientology Business editor Apostate Alex sheds a light on what’s really going on behind closed doors at the Church of Scientology in the UK, featuring a number of personal accounts of fear, abuse and control.

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East Grinstead Mayor defends Scientology after accepting £50,000 charity cheque

The Mayor of East Grinstead, Cllr Frazer Visser, has voiced his support for the Church of Scientology, describing them as “a valued and large part” of the town after receiving a £50,000 cheque for his charity at the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) event earlier this month.