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Scientology France: Fraud, Death and Fury

As the Church of Scientology prepares to open the doors to its brand new €33 million ($36mil USD / £28.5mil GBP) building in Paris, Scientology Business take a closer look at the controversial group’s fraud convictions, links to tragic deaths and its relationship with the French authorities

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The Sorry State of Scientology Sunderland

Scientology Sunderland has just 3 staff members and is visited by an average of 5 people a day, an undercover visit by Scientology Business can reveal.

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Signing your life away: Scientology staff contracts, releases and agreements

Being recruited to join staff is a process endured by most (if not all) Scientologists. For those who choose to make the jump, this is what awaits: dozens of pages of waivers, agreements and legal documents to sign.

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What the 2023 UK Court Ruling Means for Scientology

In 2013, the Church of Scientology won a landmark case in the UK’s Supreme Court and was authorised to conduct marriages at it’s London Org building at 146 Queen Victoria Street. The ruling redefined religion in British law and gave Scientology [continue reading…]

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Leah Remini’s ‘Scientology & the Aftermath’ Triggered a Mass Exodus of staff leaving the Church

When actress Leah Remini teamed up with former Scientology executive Mike Rinder, the world knew something big was about to happen. Their show, ‘Scientology and the Aftermath‘ featured the heartbreaking stories of former Church followers and shone a light on the [continue reading…]

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Abandoned: Inside the Manchester building Scientology has left empty for 16 years

16 years after Scientology’s purchase of the Duckworth’s Distillery building in Manchester, it sits empty and vacant and facing compulsory purchase by the council.

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Drone captures 4k footage of Scientology’s UK headquarters at Saint Hill

A drone has conducted a flyby over Saint Hill, capturing the Scientology base from never-before-seen angles in 4k video. Once the home of L. Ron Hubbard, Saint Hill is a sprawling estate near East Grinstead, Sussex and remains the headquarters of [continue reading…]