The tent is going up: Boots on the ground at Scientology’s HQ ahead of IAS event

Scientology’s UK headquarters at Saint Hill near East Grinstead is a hive of activity ahead of its forthcoming IAS event next month. Earlier this week, we reported the Church are planning to return to it’s annual events program after an insider leaked a poster promoting the first gathering of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) in four years.

The IAS event is the largest gathering in Scientology’s calendar and usually sees thousands of Scientologists from around the world descending upon their UK headquarters to hear leader David Miscavige speak. In light of the pandemic, events have taken a hiatus – with next month’s gathering expected to be the largest Scientology event to be held in 4 years.

The event usually takes place in a temporary marquee constructed behind the main ‘Castle’ building at Saint Hill, capable of holding an estimated 5,000 guests. Our eagle-eyed readers are keeping us informed with daily updates of what’s happening on the premises.

Here is today’s report from our boots on the ground:

In the field where the overflow car park is on the day of the event, there were large square wooden panels, that resembled flooring for a large Marquee, piled up in one corner. This is definitely a sign they have started to erect the marquee. I would imagine it may take a few weeks to complete the marquee, including the stage, seating, decoration etc.

Also, they were very busy at the warehouse today. I must have seen 5 or 6 vans arrive throughout the day, taking stuff inside. I noticed a large speaker was one of the items. I wanted to get a bit nearer, as the back doors were open, but before I could, they came back out and shut the van doors.

Putting it into perspective, you may see someone at the warehouse on any other given day, when there is no event, maybe once a week or two.

Although the Church of Scientology have yet to confirm whether David Miscavige is expected to attend in person, everything we are hearing from sources in and around East Grinstead is pointing towards a full-scale international event.

A protest is being organised for the weekend 3rd – 5th November, with more specific details yet to come. For those interested in taking part, they can register on the IAS Protest website.

Stay tuned for updates as the story unfolds.


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Alexander Barnes-Ross

Scientology Business provides analysis and commentary on the Church of Scientology's corporate structure, business operations and functions in the United Kingdom and Europe. The website looks at Scientology's shell companies, financial records and maps the web of international corporate entities responsible for their UK and European activities.

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