Protestors gather as Diane Abbott calls for Scientology fraud investigation

Protestors will gather today outside Scientology’s London headquarters at 146 Queen Victoria Street, calling for an end to abuse inside the organisation. The demonstrators hit the headlines in November when they held the UK’s largest Scientology protest for 15 years and are now picketing the organisation’s London Org, which was recently awarded Business Rates relief after it was determined to be a “place of public worship”.

The organiser, Alexander Barnes-Ross (aka Apostate Alex) was formerly the Director of Public Booksales at their London headquarters, and explains today’s demonstration is being held to coincide with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, which is celebrated by Scientologists internationally.

“Scientology teaches its staff that the outside world is a scary place and that critics and former members are anti religious bigots who will do anything to prevent your success in life. Today, we are gathering to celebrate life without LRH and are sending a clear message to Scientologists: it is possible to be happy without Scientology.” 

He explains “Scientology workers are given job titles and offices, and work full time hours for as little as £20 a week. They should be paid National Minimum Wage – and if they choose to leave, we want them to know there is a community of people here ready and willing to support them, including the Aftermath Foundation.” 

Last month, former shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott called on HMRC to investigate Scientology’s finances, citing its “history of fraudulent activity internationally” and a petition on calling on local government to take action has gathered over 1,200 signatures.

The protestors are meeting outside the Church of Scientology London on 146 Queen Victoria Street at 12 noon, and are expected to live stream the demonstration on Youtube. 


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Alexander Barnes-Ross

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