Can you help us identify these Scientology OSA operatives?

Last week, we gathered outside Scientology’s UK headquarters at Saint Hill to protest against abuse in the group, as the International Association of Scientologists returned for their first major gathering in several years.

On Sunday, David Miscavige’s plans to open the ‘new’ Qualifications building on the estate were disrupted by protestors shouting ‘pip pip, cheerio! Scientology’s got to go!’ and ‘the abuse has to stop.’ At the last minute Scientology spokesperson Erin Banks switched places with Miscavige and took to the stage to officially dedicate the building, which was actually completed four years ago in 2019.

In response to the protest, about a dozen security guards and OSA operatives descended on the Stables entrance where demonstrators had gathered. Some were identified – including Luka, Saint Hill’s Security Chief and Stephen Siegel, a security guard usually posted at Scientology’s Los Angeles ‘PAC Base’. However, there were several unfamiliar faces that took part in attempts to disrupt the demonstration, and we’re hoping you can help us identify them.

One of the cars used to block the entrance was registered in Germany, and several of the Scientology agents spoke with various accents. Scientology often ships OSA staff from across the globe to work at the annual event in England.

We are keen to identify these individuals for an ongoing investigation into Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, their involvement in the disruption of a peaceful protest under ‘Fair Game’ and Scientology workers’ rights to work in the United Kingdom.

If you know the identity of any of the following people, please send us an email.

Female #1

Male #1

Male #1 (standing) and Male #2 (in car)


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Alexander Barnes-Ross

Scientology Business provides analysis and commentary on the Church of Scientology's corporate structure, business operations and functions in the United Kingdom and Europe. The website looks at Scientology's shell companies, financial records and maps the web of international corporate entities responsible for their UK and European activities.

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