Fraud, lies and a Hollywood Blockbuster: Scientology’s link to the British Crown Jewels

The United Kingdom’s Crown Jeweller Mark Appleby, who is responsible for the maintenance of the famous Crown Jewels, can be linked to convicted fraudster and current Scientologist in good standing John Mappin.

The custodian of the Crown Jewels, Appleby is responsible for preparing items, including the Imperial State Crown for occasions such as the recent coronation of King Charles III. Appointed by Queen Elizabeth II in 2017, his page on the Royal Family’s website also makes reference to his position as head craftsman at the jewellery firm Mappin & Webb – a workshop founded 248 years ago and said to be worth millions.

Although the company now forms part of retail group Watches of Switzerland, it was reported by The Guardian in 2002 that British Scientologist John Mappin was an heir to the jewellery empire which still bears his name.

Mappin hit the headlines in 2017 after he won £100,000 on a bet that Donald Trump would win the US Presidential election, and has been listed by Scientology magazine Source as having completed OT VI as well as a number of other major services such as Super Power, Cause Resurgence and the expensive L10, L11 and L12 rundowns.

Fraud, Lies and a Hollywood Blockbuster

Despite his shiny Scientology completions record, John Mappin was found guilty of fraud in 2002 after he conned Benjamin Pell into spending £77,500 on a bogus claim to make a Hollywood blockbuster about his life. Told by Mappin he had a “unique opportunity to work with one of the biggest names in Hollywood”, Pell was convinced a team of Hollywood writers and film-makers were interested in creating a documentary about his life that would feature “big name actors”. It turned out the filmmaker was in fact a hairdresser friend of Mappin’s.

In a High Court ruling, Mr. Justice Gray said “for whatever reason, Mr Mappin was a party to a scam designed to extract money from a person who, as he must have appreciated, was highly vulnerable.”

John Mappin and his wife Irene were pictured recently at Scientology’s Flag building in Clearwater

Following the judgement, Mappin was subject to an Ethics program, evidenced by his completion of the ‘Ethics Specialist’ and ‘PTS/SP’ courses as well as the PTS Rundown at Scientology’s UK Headquarters Saint Hill in October of the following year. In 2004, he was subject to a Joburg Confessional – a detailed interrogation in which parishioners are asked a series if questions such as “Have you ever ill-treated children?” and “Have you ever used blackmail to procure sex?”

More recently, Mappin has received publicity for flying a Q-Anon flag above his Camelot Castle Hotel in Cornwall and criticising the government for offering £1 million to convert the building into temporary accommodation for asylum seekers. He continues to actively promote the Church, claiming “telepathic ability” was “perfected” by L. Ron Hubbard in a Tweet dated July 19th, 2023.

Although there is no evidence Crown Jeweller Mark Appleby has engaged in any Scientology services, it raises the question of how involved Mappin was in the recent coronation despite his fraud conviction, and just how close is Scientology to the Royal Family?

British Scientologist John Mappin and his Camelot Castle Hotel in Cornwall


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Alexander Barnes-Ross

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