VIDEO: What’s really going on at Scientology’s East Grinstead base

In the United Kingdom, Scientology was rejected charity status in 1999 after it failed to provide sufficient evidence of its public benefit. Following a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Scientology Business, the Charity Commission reaffirmed their decision earlier this year, telling us it is now no longer possible for Scientology to appeal the decision.

Despite the lack of public benefit, the world’s most controversial religion has continued to tighten it’s grip on society under a policy known as ‘safe pointing’. The policy states Scientology’s “viability depends on having all areas and persons who could affect or influence the operation under PR control” and directs a prolonged and relentless attempt to infiltrate local government and influence decision makers.

We reported earlier this week on Scientology’s attempts to gain favour with East Grinstead council, where it’s headquarters is located, and following a wealth of messages received from our readers, we decided to look into the situation further.

Since setting up shop at Saint Hill Manor the 1960s, Scientology has made a conscious and determined approach to ‘safe point’ East Grinstead. Building relationships with local Councillors and other authorities for almost half a century, it appears their plan has been working.

In this hard hitting documentary, Scientology Business editor Alexander “Apostate Alex” Barnes-Ross sheds a light on what’s really going on behind closed doors and features a number of personal accounts of fear, abuse and control.

Watch below.


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Alexander Barnes-Ross

Scientology Business provides analysis and commentary on the Church of Scientology's corporate structure, business operations and functions in the United Kingdom and Europe. The website looks at Scientology's shell companies, financial records and maps the web of international corporate entities responsible for their UK and European activities.

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