Daily Mail warns of Scientology’s growing influence over East Grinstead

The Daily Mail has today published a double-page feature on Scientology’s growing influence over the Sussex town of East Grinstead, which is home to the controversial group’s Saint Hill UK headquarters.

“A Mail investigation has established that the Scientologists have certainly become involved in the affairs of local politicians in East Grinstead to a considerable degree” the article states, with journalist Sam Merriman continuing “Local council representatives have attended a number of Scientology events; the church’s controversial leader David Miscavige has been given a guided tour of council offices; the local fire service has been using the Scientologists’ headquarters for training and was offered £50,000 by the church; and the Scientologists were involved in running East Grinstead’s Christmas lights switch-on ceremony as well as a celebration for the Coronation of King Charles.”

Former Scientology spokesperson Mike Rinder shared the article on his blog, explaining: “What I call the one man-wrecking crew in the UK, Alex Barnes-Ross, has done it again. As readers here know, he has been exposing abuses of scientology and has called out local officials in East Grinstead and Sussex for their way too cozy relationship with scientology.”

The Daily Mail’s double-page feature on Scientology’s growing influence over East Grinstead

“After months of working with the reporter, the Daily Mail (the largest circulation newspaper in the UK and the biggest news website on earth) has published a two page spread”

The feature references the German government’s categorisation of Scientology as an “anti-constitutional sect” and describes how “Scientologists use flattery and inducements to increase their influence over the council, and there are fears that some councillors may be sympathetic towards the controversial religion.”

Thanks to a months-long investigation and collaboration with Scientology Business Editor and activist Alexander Barnes-Ross (aka Apostate Alex), the exposé has caused quite the stir in the town, according to the Mail. “Scientology’s presence in East Grinstead largely goes unnoticed by residents, but campaigners and council insiders increasingly fear local dignitaries are excessively in thrall to the church’s money and celebrity potential.”

According to social media analytics website Semrush, the Daily Mail’s website attracts an average of 800 million visits every month, with February’s stats indicating 411.6 million US readers, 231.2 million in the UK and 52 million across Canada and Australia. OSA will certainly be considering today’s press a major flap.

The news comes after former Mayor John Dabell shocked the town with his resignation, as reported by journalist Tony Ortega on 6th March. East Grinstead Town Council are certainly under fire… now the question becomes: how will they respond?

East Grinstead Mayor Frazer Visser met Tom Cruise as a guest of the Church of Scientology
East Grinstead Mayor Frazer Visser is pictured in the piece with Tom Cruise after attending a Mission Impossible premiere last year

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