Tom Cruise’s private jet and helicopter make mysterious movements around the UK

In November, elusive Scientology leader David Miscavige announced the forthcoming opening of a new 78,000 sq ft ‘Ideal Org’ in Paris, which we now know is due to open this weekend on April 6th. With this in mind, and knowing he often travels alongside his long-time best buddy Tom Cruise, we’ve been keeping an eye on his helicopter and fleet of private jets, which appear to have been making some mysterious movements in the last few days which we believe indicates Miscavige is here in Europe.

Last week, former spokesperson Mike Rinder posted an article on his blog in which he suggested David Miscavige may send a representative to open the new Paris Org in light of France’s staunch anti-Scientology stance. “The big question is whether Dear Leader Miscavige will be in attendance. My prediction is that he will not.” He writes. “He fears the French government and that they might seize the opportunity to arrest him. Remember what happened to Heber Jentzsch when he went to Spain and ended up in prison?”

However, on Saturday Tom Cruise’s private HondaJet Elite made the short hop from the private Biggin Hill airport to Paris before returning to the UK.. which, in itself doesn’t tell us much. However, the movements of his helicopter the following day (yesterday, Sunday 31st March) that have raised our eyebrows.

It appears Cruise’s chopper made a brief stop at Scientology’s Saint Hill headquarters yesterday, before heading to London for what looks like a sightseeing tour through the centre of town. The helicopter also stopped off at Richmond golf course and Longcross studios, where Cruise is currently filming his next blockbuster.

Over the last three months, Cruise has made several trips to and from London’s Battersea heliport and Longcross, but this is the first time the helicopter has visited Saint Hill since the November IAS (International Association of Scientologists) gala – and the first time we have seen a trip to the Richmond golf course.

Although this does not prove Miscavige is indeed in the UK, the movements suggest Cruise had a guest with him – and he wanted to show them the new Paris Org, check in on Saint Hill and squeeze in a round of golf… which are all things Miscavige would be likely interested in, too.

Only time will tell and we’ll know for certain on Saturday as we land boots on the ground in France to cover the opening of the new Org in Paris. But between now and then, we will continue to keep an eye on Tom Cruise’s private jet movements and update you on any interesting new finds.

Tom Cruise owns a HondaJet Elite, allowing him and up to four passengers to travel in luxury.
Tom Cruise has been seen at the controls of his helicopter on multiple occasions in the UK

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